GTB values those who are at the beginning of their careers and is here to assist college career advisers and underclassmen to educate you about career paths within the advertising industry. Here is a sample of the ways GTB can help:


Agency Tours

Each Friday, we welcome student groups to visit our facilities and get to know our agency better. 
These two-hour tours include an overview of our history, a tour of the agency, a speaker on a discipline of choice, and a breakout session.

On-Campus Speaking

We have many subject matter experts within our ranks. They share their skills and expertise with students through presentations, workshops, mock interviews, résumé reviews, and more.

The Dirt

A one-day workshop where undergraduate students are invited into the agency to ?get the dirt? on the inner workings of life at a global ad agency.

Entry-Level Careers

We have many full-time opportunities for students right out of college.

To learn more about these opportunities or to schedule a visit, please contact Talent Acquisition Programs Manager Kristin Budzisz at